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by theprojectorexpert

Hi, I’m the Projector Expert

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Around 2010 I moved into an apartment and I didn’t want to have a TV. I had heard about¬†projectors, but I knew nothing about them, so I started doing some research. I became obsessed with finding the best projector for my apartment. I just wish I had more space so I could buy more than one!

I realized that many of my friends and family also didn’t know a thing about projectors. I started writing this blog to share¬†my projector knowledge with my friends, and you, all of my readers. There are so many different types of projectors at all different price ranges, which is great because it means everyone who can buy a tv can own a projector. My goal is to make it easier for everyone to find the perfect projector for their home.

I think projectors are the most fun way to watch sports, outdoor movies, and play video games. It turns a typical night at home into a fun event.

Thanks for reading. I hope you find something helpful here!

Mike, The Projector Expert