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by Chris Ramhold

Why Choose BenQ?

Based in Taipei, BenQ is a multinational company that specializes in marketing tech products, communications, computing devices, and, most notably, consumer electronics.

While headquartered in Taipei, the company has branch offices in Europe, the Asia-Pacific region, Latin America, China, and the United States. The U.S. office is in Costa Mesa, California. The company’s products are used in corporate, government, home, digital signage, gaming, and houses of worship.

The company gets high marks for its projectors. Useful and used in a broad range of ecosystems, the products ensure everyone from event planners to teachers has the fundamental tools for presenting their stories. These tools also assure that audiences will see a show that’s nothing less than stellar.

BenQ is constantly evolving, continuing to challenge itself. The end result is wondrous tech experiences for its customers and audiences.


BenQ’s sleek, modern headquarters rises high against the blue sky over Taipei, Taiwan

BenQ stands for Bringing Enjoyment N Quality. The company’s noted for its flair and pizzazz in its aesthetic and performance. And its history is evidence of how talent, dedication, and a desire to make a better world can lead to commercial success. Everyone appreciates the underdog story of the company that grew out of a tech giant to become one of its major competitors. This company has come a long way.

Founding and Milestones

The words Acer Peripherals appear in blue on a white rectangle with blue and red geometric accents.
Acer Peripherals

Founded in 1984, the company was an affiliate of Acer until 2001. In the beginning, the company was primarily Acer’s contract manufacturing division for OEM peripherals. The company went through at least two name changes back then. First, they were Continental Systems which became Acer Continental in 1986, and then Acer Peripherals in 1989.

Acer Peripherals opened facilities in China and Malaysia and built a marketing arm in the United States. The company went public in 1996 and created the Acer Display Technologies group. The company soon introduced its first LCD monitor.

By 2001, the company was spun off into a separate brand. In 2006, Acer divested itself of its remaining BenQ shares.

In 2002, BenQ was born. It was a venture engineered by Acer chief Kuen-Yao Lee. To this day, Lee is recorded as the company’s founder even though the company had existed for decades beforehand.

BenQ Chairman Kuen-Yao Lee speaks to Bloomberg reporters in Taipei in June 2006
BenQ Chairman Kuen-Yao Lee

The tech company dropped its first mobile phone in 2003. The first quarter of 2004 saw an additional eight new phones. They ranged from Windows clamshell to bar phones. The company used the momentum to release seven more phones in 2005.

In October 2005, the company acquired Siemens AG’s mobile device division. That immediately made the company one of the largest mobile phone companies based on accumulated market share. BenQ Mobile was totally dedicated to wireless communication. These products were marketed under BenQ-Siemens.

The following year, BenQ Mobile, operating out of Germany, ended up filing for bankruptcy after its parent corporation stopped funding the enterprise. The new mobile company found itself monitored by a state-appointed bankruptcy administrator.

In August 2006, the company released plans to sell off its manufacturing operations in 2007. The move would separate own-brand divisions and contract manufacturing. In early 2007, BenQ Mobile couldn’t find a suitable buyer, so the company dissolved.

Come April 2007, the branded business was seeing sufficient profit and scale. This allowed scalable growth and sustainability to operate independently. The organization planned to spin off its branded business. With the spin-off, the company was renamed Qisda Corporation. The new company focused on its integrated manufacturing service business. The new brand eventually succeeded the BenQ Corporation name, remaining a 100% subsidiary of Qisda Corp.

Also, in September 2007, the new corporation continued its production of marketing and selling products under BenQ’s brand name.

On December 10, 2015, the company announced it had acquired ZOWIE GEAR. ZOWIE is a leader in dedicated professional eSports equipment. ZOWIE monitors accommodate almost 50% of pro gamers. With this acquisition, ZOWIE became BenQ’s gaming division.

A close-up shot shows details of a gaming computer monitor.
BenQ Gaming Monitor

Merging with BenQ, the new BenQ Zowie develops a variety of tech accessories to complement a hardcore player’s toolkit. Today, the merger resulted in owning an 80% share of the competitive gaming market.

Today, the company is a go-to for projectors. You can get a classroom projector, gaming projector, or large venue projector. Whether you are running a business or looking for home options, this brand is worth looking at.

Production and Manufacturing

The company has manufacturing facilities in China, Taiwan, Malaysia, and Mexico. Its affiliations include a network of operations that include:

  • AU Optronics
  • Daxon Technology
  • Darfon Electronics
  • Airoha Technology
  • Copax Photonics
  • Darly Venture
  • BenQ Guru Software Company


From home projectors to gaming projectors, the company is the No. 1 brand in the world in the DLP market. The company is a leading innovator in visual displays and presentations for a variety of industries that have a story to tell. It’s also the top manufacturer in short-throw projection.

Eco-conscious, the company is responsible for SmartEcoâ„¢. The revolutionary technology automatically adjusts the settings of the lamp, controlling casted content and ambient brightness. The company also developed the world’s first 5GHz wireless built-in FHD (WHDI) products that support cable-free operations that utilize mobile device integration. You can find their products being used in homes, education, government, gaming, digital signage applications, and corporate environments.

But where BenQ shines is in its projectors. It is easily the top brand in DLP projection. One of its innovations is Colorificâ„¢. The imaging tech gives every user crisp, accurate, and stunning hues. That means you get up to 1 billion striking, long-lasting colors but without gradual degradation or light burn. The engineering ensures you get the same quality image for years of continuous operation. That translates into lower replacement costs and less maintenance.

BenQ projectors also manage energy output, providing the right amount of power that reduces consumption. The tech also increases lamp life. You get up to an amazing 10,000 hours of usage. The 5GHz wireless FHD projector supports mobile device integration and cable-free operation.

This close-up of a wireless projector shows its sleek design and simple controls
BenQ Projector

The company’s innovative theater projectors promise only the finest features designed from the latest technology and manufacturing. They are exceptional tools for presentations in a broad range of uses.

To create the best, the manufacturing process utilizes features like lens shift technology and RGBRGB color wheels. There’s DLP 1080p working alongside crisp ranges of lumens and a 10,000:1 contrast ratio.

The company offers:

  • Home projectors
  • Gaming projectors
  • Portable projectors
  • Laser TV projectors
  • Business projectors
  • Large venue projectors
  • Classroom projectors


The BenQ LU950 laser projector is known for its sharp images and great color in multiple picture modes.
BenQ LU950 laser projector

The company focuses on maintaining an active presence in all its local markets. Headquartered in Taiwan, the brand has facilities for manufacturing in China, Mexico, and Malaysia. It also has partnerships that manage its global stance.

From Taipei in Taiwan, the company coordinates regional facilitation via local trend analysis and customized strategies. They deploy product roadmaps that enrich and elevate communities.

At the heart of the company are technology and design. The manufacturer ascertains the real wants and needs of its audience. It then designs core concepts generated by its staff of people-driven professionals. The process involves families, business professionals, doctors, patients, gamers, teachers, and more. The process entails getting the answers to questions. The information is then used to develop the services and products that best serve the customers’ needs.

Key Facts

Here are a few key facts about BenQ that you’ll find interesting.

The company operates in over 100 countries.

  • Curators at the Shanghai Science & Technology Museum used three of the company’s high brightness, large venue projectors to broadcast a seamless recreation of a scene from the film “The Three-Body Problem.”
  • The company breaks down its operations into three main categories: computing, consumer electronics, and communications.
  • The BenQ moniker first appeared in 1998 as BenQ Guru.
  • The company specifically created Main Learning Display (MLD) as an educational classroom projector.

Warranty Information

BenQ promises that all-new projectors bought from its online store or an authorized retailer in the United States will be free of defects in workmanship and materials. If you find this not to be the case, you’re entitled to make a claim using the company’s standard limited warranty.

The warranty is good for three years from the date of the original purchase. The company guarantees new units will have one year or 2,000 hours of production, whichever comes first.

Under a valid warranty, the manufacturer will cover shipping costs to and from the consumer. If a product somehow manages to get shipped DOA, you must return that product within 30 days. The manufacturer will supply an RMA for the shipment, and BenQ will cover freight costs both ways and provide a new replacement.

You have seven business days to return any item received with damages.

Any replaced or repaired parts or products are only covered for the remainder of the original warranty.

BenQ Appliance Parts

BenQ designs exemplary projectors that deliver performance on every level. But we can only ensure the performance of these projectors if they get the best care. Often, that means using authorized appliance parts. The company offers all its parts on its website.

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Where to Buy

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Online Presence

The projector manufacturer keeps tabs on what its communities want to know. To better do this, the company offers several social media platforms for sharing and communicating.

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