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by Kalleigh Kaiser

Why Choose Samsung?

Samsung is a global corporation that prides itself on being able to provide a positive impact to its customers while always delivering innovative services and products that cater to specific needs. Samsung combines eco-friendly solutions with conservation strategies to help lead the world of technology into a more sustainable future. Samsung focuses on research and development above all when creating a new product to ensure that what they provide is top of the line and will provide you with some of the best products on the market when compared to its competitors.


To get to know Samsung, we’ll take you through the company’s history and where it stands today to give you a comprehensive overview. We’ll also introduce you to the founder and the current leaders of Samsung to give you an overview of the people who are behind some of your favorite projectors.

Founder: Lee Byung-Chul

Founding and Milestones

Current Vice Chairman & CEO: Jong-Hee Han

Samsung Electronics was founded in 1969 as part of the Samsung Group, the largest South Korean business group, started by Lee Byung-Chul. It was called Samsung-Sanyo Electronics when it was established and renamed Samsung Electro-Mechanics in 1975.

Finally, the company merged with Samsung Electronics in 1977 to become known as Samsung Electronics Industry Co. Ltd. In 1970, they started their first production of black-and-white televisions, model number P-3202. Then in 1974, the company diversified and began producing refrigerators and washing machines before launching the third “Quick Start” TV system in 1975.

1977, they started to export color televisions, and in 1978, they established their first overseas office in the United States. Most of their manufacturing is done in South Korea, but over the years, they have started diversifying with some factories in different areas. Next, they move into mass-producing microwave ovens and developed the VHS VCR.

Over the next 10 years, Samsung continued to research and develop other types of home appliances and telecommunication devices, and this led them to open the Samsung Advanced Institute of Technology to use for research and development purposes. In 1988, telecommunications, home appliances, and semiconductors were selected as the core business lines, which helped to narrow the company’s focus.

The early 1990s were a huge era for Samsung. This period included several industry product firsts, like the world’s first 64M DRAM and the first DVD-R. These two products pushed the company into the future over most of its competitors, and by the end of the ’90s, it had solidified its leadership by developing one of the first smartphones to enter the market.

By 2020, Samsung had cemented their place in the world of telecommunications and home theater with the launch of the Samsung Galaxy series and their easy setup, smart entertainment projector models.

All in all, Samsung started as a small company, and now they are one of the largest and most trusted manufacturers of various small appliances and electronic devices in the world. Their legacy is secure with the quality research and development that they put into each of their new models across all their product lines.

Current President & CEO: Kye Hyun Kyung

Production and Manufacturing

When it comes to products and manufacturing practices, Samsung has reinvented the way they approach different products by having manufacturing plants in several companies and ensuring they have the best research and development facilities for their products.


Over the years, Samsung has manufactured a variety of products. They started making black-and-white TVs, but it wasn’t long before they were making some of the first color TVs on the market. They manufacture appliances like refrigerators, washing machines, and dryers, but they are also capable of producing various electronic devices like Samsung phones and projectors.

They incorporate features like multiple voice assistants and point-and-play technology. Some of their products even have Premium 360 sound technology with a 180-degree design to make them beneficial in more situations. In the world of cell phones, Samsung is one of the most popular brands on the market, and they have used their fame to promote other products like their projectors.

Most Samsung product parts are manufactured in South Korea, but they do have facilities spread out over five other countries as well: Indonesia, Vietnam, India, Brazil, and China.


The innovations Samsung has created over the years are extreme. They have manufactured many types of products from TVs to cell phones to projectors, and they have done this effectively through the research and development of their products. They strive to always incorporate the newest technologies in the industry, from multiple voice assistants to 180-degree designs that make their products stand out. They make sure to manufacture their projectors using only the best materials possible, and some of the features they add to their products include point and play, premium 360 sound, and external battery compatibility.

Key Facts

Historically, Samsung is known for its manufacturing and producing TVs, both color and black and white. However, now they are known for producing products in various areas from small appliances to cellular and electronic devices. After a few years, they were merged into the Samsung Group, which is one of the top communications business groups in South Korea. They have incorporated a variety of different features in the Samsung freestyle projector and the Samsung projector HD. For instance, they have taken different features, like designing their projectors to be external battery compatible.

Warranty Information

When purchasing a projector from Samsung, there are a few different agreements and warranties that could cover the product. You should check the model to see which ones apply to it, but here is a brief rundown on the types of warranties that Samsung attaches to their products. Most products produced by Samsung come with a standard limited one-year warranty. It will cover any defects that were the fault of Samsung. However, their warranty will not cover any damage or defects that were the result of the product being misused, neglected, or involved in an accident. Whenever you are looking into the warranty, you must read the information provided by Samsung so that you can follow the proper procedures to ensure the warranty remains valid throughout the lifespan of the product.

Samsung Projector Parts

One thing we understand is that when something fails with a projector, it doesn’t always mean that you will need to replace the entire product with a new one. Sometimes, you can get away with purchasing replacement parts and be good to go. You can check out Samsung’s parts website to check on different parts for your Samsung projector.

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Where To Buy

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Similar Brands

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Online Presence

We understand that following a brand and making sure they are the right fit for you is important, and one of the best ways for you to find out is by researching them online. It is important for a company to have a positive online presence, and below you can follow Samsung online on your favorite social media platform to see what is new and upcoming with them.

Contact Information

There are several ways to get in touch with Samsung, and they have experts ready and dedicated to meeting your needs. They have specialists that cover different product areas for your convenience. This is one way that they ensure that you get the best answers possible for the area where you’re looking. In most contact scenarios, you just have to pick which product you have issues with, and you can contact Samsung and get a response from the proper experts. Here are the best and most common ways to reach out to Samsung representatives: